Specifications Huntington Chair

Particularities Huntington Chair

  • The Vemcare Huntington Chair is made ​​with soft materials such as foam and it features curves to prevent injury;
  • The chair has no sharp parts;
  • In order to give the chair a long service life the number of moving parts has been kept to a minimum;
  • To encourage clients’ self-reliance the height of the seat is such that a client can sit down and get up independently;
  • The backrest is adjustable by means of a gas spring. This makes it easy to adjust the chair to the lying position;
  • The seating angle can be set when the chair is delivered; it allows a margin of about 8 cm. This means that the height of the arm rests (from the seat) is adjustable between 35 cm and 43 cm;
  • The chair and footstool are fitted with strong noiseless wheels of 13 cm. This allows possible transfers by means of a mobile hoist;
  • The chair is equipped with handles;
  • As standard the Vemcare Huntington Chair has durable imitation leather. The loose set of covers is made of strong fabric with a very high wear resistance which may be washed at 40 degrees;
  • There is a large choice of colours.