Before the chair was designed

In collaboration with the occupational therapists of Atlant Zorggroep, a centre of expertise for clients with Huntington’s disease, Vemcare has designed and developed the Vemcare Huntington Chair.

This is a chair that supports passive sitting and provides optimum comfort, combined with high quality requirements with regard to the frequency of use.

The Vemcare Huntington Chair supports a passive position, provides security because the seat embraces the body, but also provides the user the opportunity to sit or lie in a preferred position (usually closed)

Tailored to the user

In creating chair and design and selecting the material the following requirements were taken into account:

  • The position of the knees;
  • The adjustability of the back of the chair;
  • A solid frame work to cope with the high level of use and the mobility;
  • Choice of material;
  • Modern design;
  • Making active transfers.

Personal Vemcare Huntington chair

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