Vemcare Huntington chair

Seating problems Huntington’s disease clients

Clients with Huntington’s disease can suffer from severe motor difficulties. To sit in a stable and comfortable position is a problem because of their vigorous movements.

Because of the severe involuntary movements clients tend to sit even more tense and their uneasiness will increase. In general common chairs cannot take violent uncontrolled movements. Especially the leg supports of wheelchairs will break down quickly.

Active sitting is often only possible with strong lumbar and lateral back support. The advantage of this support is that it counters the development of deformities, but it also constricts the client’s position and offers less opportunity for his or her own preferred posture.

Apart from this, active sitting in a wheelchair or regular chair is a very tiring experience. In many cases, at a later stage preference is given to passive sitting, in a semi-reclined position with support for the whole body. Experience shows that this position provides maximum comfort and relaxation. In addition, the chair offers security which often has a positive effect on the severity of the chorea.

The choice or the combination of support is supervised by the occupational therapist.

The Vemcare Huntington Chair gives optimal support for a passive sitting position where necessary, but also allows the client to change his or her position, for instance by crossing the legs or moving as a result of chorea.

In addition, because of the height of the chair and the foot stool that can be removed, the chair is also suitable for clients who can make the transfers themselves. With its large wheels and the push bar the chair can easily be moved by others.

Very suitable against movement unrest

Wider target group

Vemcare is supplier of the Vemcare Huntington Chair. They are made ​​in the factory in the Netherlands. Although especially designed for clients with Huntington's disease, they are of course very suitable for a much wider group of people with other neurological disorders. They include people with Alzheimer's disease, psychiatric patients and people with restless movements.

With its comfort and security, the specific angle, customizable seat inclination and leg support the Vemcare Huntington Chair gives patients the opportunity to relax motorily and mentally.

Comfort and safety Huntington chair

The seating angle can be set upon delivery. The seating angle which depends on the wishes of the client, is also important in cases of severe chorea. The deeper the seating angle, the more some one is embraced, and the less likely the risk that he or she falls or moves out of the chair.

Part of the development of the Vemcare Huntington Chair consisted of taking into account the possibility of severe chorea. Therefore, we chose a very robust framework with a minimal number of joints and we used only high-quality material for the wheels and brakes and upholstery. At the request of the occupational therapists additional slip covers were developed in order to prevent the wear of the chair and to protect the chair against any incontinence problems.

The correct posture and design of the Vemcare Huntington Seat increases the client’s comfort a great deal. The chair is very solid and stable, resistant to severe involuntary movements of the patient and provides safety for both the patient and the caregiver.

The Vemcare Huntington Chair features solid wheels with brakes. Its handles make it very easy to move people without an additional transfer. The space under the Vemcare Huntington Chair allows the usage of a mobile hoist.

Because of the many movements conventional upholstery would wear very fast. Vemcare has found an upholstery with a very high wear resistance. The Vemcare Huntington Chair is upholstered in composition leather and features removable, washable covers.

For more details of the Vemcare Huntington Chair: see specifications.